How much work is there to produce a 3D CGI house render image?

A question we are asked all the time is "How much work and how long does it take to produce the image? You just push a button and its done right?"

The answer to this is NO! There is hours of work goes into producing the image. It is rather like painting a picture, but on the computer.

Lets talk about the stages involved...

Receiving Files

The first stage is to receive the files from the client and check for quality & accuracy. I cannot stress how important it is to receive as much information up front as possible. What you might think unimportant might delay the project or cost £/$ in change fees. To begin the project we need:

  1. Scale drawings (hand, pdf or dwg)
  2. Site photos (current/up to date)
  3. Materials schedule (bricks, tiles etc all with sample photos and supplier names etc)
  4. Landscaping schedule (trees, foliage etc)

I have discussed how to supply drawings in a previous article "How do I supply the drawings for a 3D CGI House Render Image?"

A simple set of site photos is very useful to us. I can recall instances where we were not supplied with photos and we thought the site was bare when in fact the buildings were nearly finished! The developer had changed lots of details from the plans, and we had had to charge numerous change fees as we didn't receive site photos until we had finished the rendering.. Site Photo

Typical Site Photo

The materials schedule is also a very important document, and it is worth spending some time on this before asking us to start. It is a list of each individual elements of the building including roof tiles, soffits and fascias, bricks, render colour and texture, window type and paint colour, door types, brick plinth brick type, driveway materials etc etc You should list each element with he manufacturer, model/range, colour and a sample photo from supplier websites (cut and paste). You can simply study the elevation drawings and list each element in turn. materials schedule

Typical Materials Schedule

The landscaping schedule is equally important for 3d rendering. CGI trees, plants, shrubs, lawns and furniture can look better than actual photos and contribute 50% of the overall beauty of the rendered image. We work from a library of models, and just need plant species lists and a landscaping sketch showing locations of paths, hedges, trees etc if they are not already shown on the master drawings supplied from your architect. If you would prefer us to choose plant types etc, you need not be so detailed in this respect we can use our creativity. Please note if we are left to be creative, change fees may apply if you then change your mind (if you are worried about this call us for a chat or email/chat and we can explain). landscaping schedule

Sample Landscaping Schedule

Don't worry if you don't have such detailed documents! These are just a guide (though it is much easier for us when we have this level of detail, less mistakes to make!)

The Modelling Stage

my3dhouse 3D Model

The modelling stage - nothing like the finished product!

After receiving your files we will either a) transfer hand drawn or PDF files to Autocad first or b) begin to build the model using Autocad floorpans and elevations

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