Charges for changes to 3D CGI renders explained!

We try to avoid changes by having the right information in advance. Occasionally we have to charge a "change fee" to alter the image, I will explain why...

The basic process to rendering an image is:

Collect files>build 3D wireframe model>apply basic render textures and lighting>post process and add additional items in Photoshop, fine tune and export image.

You will see there is a flow. If changes are requested that require remodelling in the 3D environment (like window bars, fences, roofs etc) then you have to take the image back to that stage and begin the flow again - hours of work!! This is when we charge a fee for time taken.

You can avoid this by studying your architects drawings and making sure they express exactly what you are looking for and what will be built.

If your project is a development project, and the image will be used for marketing, it MUST show what will be built. Estate Agents can be sued for misrepresentation if 3D CGI images are not factually accurate. This is where most problems are encountered.

Some changes are free of charge under our revisions policy, like brick shade, tile shade, bushes, and small items that do not require 3d modelling and are added in the later stages of the image production.

Change fees range from £40 all the way up to the same price as the image. We do not like to make major changes as we don't like charging extras and it takes up time we could be using for other projects.

We normally provide wireframe models to sign off the camera angle, and at this stage you should study what we have produced to see if it is correct. 3d model stage

Check, check and check again to avoid change fees!

If you need any further information about this, give us a call or catch us on chat.

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