Are your external 3D CGI Renders really £229?

Yes, our basic single house render with/without a garage is £229 provided the following applies:

  1. The house is not wider than 12m
  2. The house is detached
  3. The house has no more than 2 storeys
  4. There are no houses close by that need modelling & rendering (when viewed from left or right street view will any other houses be in shot?)
  5. There is no complex landscaping
  6. There isn't an excess of trees and foliage within the camera view (Most houses do not!)
  7. The scene weather is sunny
  8. No alterations are made after modelling stage

This is our most popular product, which can be altered to allow for anything discussed above. We just need to charge for our time to model and render extras and complexities.

We can quickly quote if your house or project does not fall into the above categories, often it is not much more money.

Please email your drawings to or catch us on chat.


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