How do I supply the drawings for a 3D CGI House Render Image?

We can work from hand drawings (scale), PDF drawings and DWG (Autocad). Hand Drawings Your architect might work with pen and ink, not all architects use CAD. We can work from scale drawings, but charge a small fee to draft these drawings onto Autocad, which we need to model the building(s). The drawings must be…
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Rendering night time, snowy and bad weather scenes.

With winter approaching fast, you might ask is it appropriate to render sunny images? Well, yes it is. But it is also nice to produce images that reflect the current season. They are possible, can look good and don't cost a huge amount more to produce. Night time scenes are also a great way to…
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Can I use a 3D image for planning application / construction permit?

Yes! The short answer is that it cannot hurt. In fact, in most cases it will enable the case officer to quickly visualise what you intend to build. There is no confusion about brick or siding colours, paint choices, roof tiles or shingles and so on...3D image It will also perhaps more importantly enable your…
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