Architectural Visuals for Marketing Purposes

Street view & Birds Eye architectural visuals / CGI renders are the standard 3D images used for pre completion marketing for property both in the UK and USA. Whilst your site is just that, a building site, potential buyers will be put off by the mess. Photographs are a no no. Most people cannot visualise…
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Are your external 3D CGI Renders really £229?

Yes, our basic single house render with/without a garage is £229 provided the following applies: The house is not wider than 12m The house is detached The house has no more than 2 storeys There are no houses close by that need modelling & rendering (when viewed from left or right street view will any…
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Charges for changes to 3D CGI renders explained!

We try to avoid changes by having the right information in advance. Occasionally we have to charge a "change fee" to alter the image, I will explain why... The basic process to rendering an image is: Collect files>build 3D wireframe model>apply basic render textures and lighting>post process and add additional items in Photoshop, fine tune…
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