who we are

We are a team of dedicated 3D artists who do just one thing - houses! We fully understand UK architecture, building regulations and the build process as well as the US market, local codes and construction styles (we love stick framing!). You can be confident that you will receive the image you need - we will keep going until its right! 

Our history

2004 -

Creative Director Stephen Franks worked as a property developer, undertaking renovation and new build projects. He liaised with his architect frequently and was always frustrated with the boring 2D images for conceptualisation. 3D renders were available but technology made it expensive and labour intensive. Moving towards 2014 Stephen saw an opportunity for many digital services to be delivered online efficiently and at a low price point.

2014 -

Stephen founded the company and began to build the web infrastructure to launch My 3D House and beta tested the site to iron out issues prior to launch.

2015 -

The live site was launched!

Technology Used

How do you produce the images?

Your architect will either work with Autodesk Autocad or Bentley Microstation to produce your house or extension plans. Our architects the take these DWG or DGN files and produce a 3D model from the 2D information. From there the camera angle is decided and the image "coloured in" by the architect using the correct photo realistic building material types such as bricks, roof tiles, shingles etc. The sky is coloured, and the correct shadows are applied adding to the photo realism.

Software used includes:

  • AutoDesk Autocad
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max
  • Google Sketchup

Our team use the latest versions of the software on high specification workstations (built for the job) to allow quick and efficient rendering of the images, which has historically been a slow process. This allows us to produce the images within our 7 day guarantee period at our great price!

meet our team

  • Stephen Franks

    Stephen Franks is the founder and Creative Director of My3DHouse.com Stephen has spent many years working within the property development…

  • Hoang Hung

    Graduating with a Masters from Newcastle University, Hung is a qualified architect and CG specialist. He understands both how…

Our advantages


COMMUNICATION - From the get go we will communicate with you to procure all the information we need to produce the image you have in your mind. Each job is assigned a ticket number, and you are able to log in and communicate with us through your client area. As we work digitally, there is no crossed communication over the telephone. Everything is written and recorded! We can normally respond to queries within hours.


SPEED OF DELIVERY - We promise to have your first rendered draft finished within 7 days (usually less). This is one of the quickest turnarounds in the business and we pride ourselves on being able to get your project finished on time.


DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Your image is available through the client area for you to download to your computer (no more emailed image issues!)